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Life span

            The increase of life span raises several social and ethical problems. Foremost one is the issue of overpopulation, which is already a worldwide problem. The amount of people would rise by about one quarter to one third of what the population is today. This increase could be a burden on an already overpopulated society. If the life span increases by 20 years, then there should be some planning of how to deal with the growing population. Larger population would be handled by using the more productive society to our advantage. That would include more homes being built in less populated areas, etc. In addition, the world's natural resources will certainly be depleted within a short time. Furthermore, society as a whole will be dramatically altered, as children will not only have parents and grandparents, but also great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents, as well. Of course, several other issues concerning prolonged life span require careful consideration, including retirement, social security, and prolonged medical care.
             The prolonged life span will allow me to make more changes in regards to my career and possibly where I live. Seeing that mostly the world's natural resources will be consumed and population will be concentrated in urban area in the future, I would like to spend my remaining years in peace and quiet countryside. Also I want to spend time traveling the world's famous country since retirement. I think that most people do not get this opportunity because their age is too old to travel the place where they wanted after retirement. However, with living until 100 years old, I will find an opportunity which makes my wish realize. I would be a more active person at my rest of life.

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