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Criminal Control, Not Gun Control

             Constitution guarantees the right of all people "to keep and bear arms." It further states that this right "shall not be infringed." The definition to infringe as defined by Webster's Dictionary, means to encroach or to intrude upon the rights or possessions of another. When writing the second amendment to the Constitution, our Founders wanted to guarantee that the citizens rights to bear arms would not be taken away from them in any way, shape, or form. However, with each passing year, more gun control laws are added and therefore are infringing upon the rights guaranteed to Americans in the second amendment. Not only does the United States government continue to restrict and regulate civilian gun ownership, it continues to instill in its people false ideologies that guns are dangerous in the hands of common citizens. It also instills that guns are a leading cause of accidental death in children. By instilling these claims, the government is making an attempt to appeal to the emotions of those who are uninformed and uneducated about the facts and of the matters of firearms. .
             Through media and propaganda, firearms have gotten a reputation that they do not deserve. When a fatal gun accident occurs, especially when a child is involved, it often makes state or national news and headlines. This gives the impression that guns are dangerous and that they are responsible for many deaths among young children. It further implies that fatal gun accidents are more prevalent than other fatal accidents, and therefore that gun accidents are increasing. It also implies that civilian gun ownership must be further restricted and regulated. However, this perception that the media creates does not correspond to the reality. According to the National Safety Council, fatal gun accidents have declined almost sixty percent from 1975 to 1995, even though the number of guns per capita increased by almost forty percent.

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