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The Career of a Firefighter

             Fire fighters save lives and make a lot of money, who could dream of a better job? Fire fighting would be an exciting job because of the action and adventures. Not everyone is interested in being a fire fighter because of the stress. A career as a fire fighter can be challenging and rewarding. .
             Everyone has a little fire fighter in them. Fire fighters have to go through a lot of training and minimal education to get where they are. Training is a major factor of becoming a fire fighter. (Choices pg. 3) Training is essential of a good fire fighter. Many city fire fighters are required to have their EMT and Hazmat certificates for a basic job. Other wild land fire fighters are only required to train for two weeks before getting sent out into the field. (Choices pg. 3 and 12) This is a great opportunity for people interested and for our constant need of volunteers during fire season. Everyone has the ability to be a hero much like a fire fighter.
             Being a fire fighter requires many skills, knowledge, and experience. Many skills are dangerous because of the hazardous environment. Fire fighters must be able to handle stressful situations. (Choices pg. 3 and CGP pg. 2) Some fire fighters think that the knowledge and skills are common sense. Fire fighters must be able to identify and solve problems under high amounts of stress. (Choices pgs. 3 and 4) The ability to handle stressful situations is what separates a fire fighter from the average human being. There are still the few emergency calls that a fire fighter cannot prepare themselves for.
             It takes time to train to be a fire fighter. Most fire fighters must earn several certificates and pass a few classes to join the department. Oddly enough, fire fighters don't have to have a high level of education. (Choices pgs. 3 and 5) Fire fighters should have more education in wild land fires.

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