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            A lot has changed in the past several years for the fire service, both negative and positive. With an increase in the population in American, extreme advancements in technology, a changing economy and a new war on terrorism a rookie firefighter has a lot to deal with coming onto the job. I will be writing about the new age of firefighting with evidence that I felt will give the reader an education on the daily battle that firefighters go through during career. This study will list the dangers that await firefighters as they go into the everyday house fire, with the new chemicals that houses have. Solutions to these problems include new ideas on classroom safety so that firefighters will stop getting hurt or killed and up to date gear and equipment for firefighters another important issue is safety for the civilian; who need better building codes in high-rise buildings and education for fire safety. These topics about the changes in the fire service today will be addressed.
             Firefighters rescued from burning building.
             To start off with I"ll address an event in which a firefighter was rescued form a burning house. A house is not always that big but the things that are in them today can be scary; lots of chemicals, plastics, gas, electricity and other materials increase the heat and make the fire grow faster. With these problems that firefighters have to face, the danger involved grows every day because more and more of these materials are being produced all the time. Firefighters in Conn. ran into this new enemy in a small suburban house. Some firefighters who went in to put out the fire had to run out just as fast as they came in. Many firefighters had to jump out of windows because the buildup of increasing heat and black smoke was too much for them. At one point firefighters realized that a teammate was still inside the blaze and could not get out. They ran around the house looking in windows and finally the firefighters kicked in a window and pulled their friend to safety.

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