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English comparative essay

            How glorious and painful it is to be an exception. This quote portrays how being a unique or special person can be in some cases a positive or negative thing. I agree with this quote because no matter what you do, not everyone will like you and even though you may be unique and special you can still be an outcast. The Harry Potter book series can relate to this because Harry defeated the mighty Lord Voldemort but even though he is a hero to all the good witches, wizards, people, etc., the evil people still hate him because he defeated their leader. .
             The literary element, conflict, helps the author describe the problematic situations that the character is in. It shows how there are many people who honor and love Harry Potter, but how people like Snape, Voldemort, and Draco Malfoy all hate Harry because he represents the good people. There are many conflicts between the characters, like how Snape hates Harry because Snape and Harry's father were rivals and in the end Harry's father saved Snape's life and he can't stand to be in Harry's father's debt. No matter how hard he tries Harry ends up getting the best of him and even though he tries to get Harry in trouble, he tries to keep Harry from harm in hopes of returning the favor once presented to him and so he can go back to hating his rival in peace. Then there's the sort of rivalry conflict between Draco Malfoy and Harry, ever since the first day they met Harry knew that he would not like being in the company of Malfoy and quickly made new and better friends. .
             The literary element, alienation, is used to describe how Harry Potter doesn't fit in anywhere because he had no knowledge of the fact that he was a wizard. With the help of many reassurances he realizes that he does belong somewhere. Even though Harry Potter is a pureblood, meaning he is a pure wizard and the generations previous to him were too, he becomes hated by Draco Malfoy and Snape.

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