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Multiple Sclerosis

            Many different treatments have been used to deal with MS. These treatments include conventional injections, physical training, and many others. For example, the physical exercise that benefits ordinary people can be used to treat MS as well. Since MS affects people differently, there is not telling which form of exercise is the most beneficial. Generally, a physician will recommend varied exercise routines to different people. Common exercises used with MS patients include walking, yoga, swimming, biking, and hiking. Although these forms of physical exercise can be very beneficial, they are generally recommended along side the use of a medical treatment. Medical treatment can be varied, and there are literally hundreds of them in the modern world. Common medical treatments today include Betaseron, Avonex, Copaxone, Rebif and Novantrone. The first four are injections which can be administered for life, while Novantrone is a chemotherapy agent which has a lifetime dosage limit. Mush of the difference in drugs can be attributed to the varying forms of MS, and the fact that a cure for the disease has not been reached. In addition to this, there are two main categories of treatment: alternative, or Eastern, and conventional, or Western. Eastern medicines deal with more natural treatments, such as herbal remedies; Western medicines deal more with lab-based chemicals which can be injected or ingested. Both methods have proven beneficial, but there is no clear indicator of which method is most effective.
             There are four clinical courses which people with MS can be categorized into. First, the most common form of MS is Relapse-Remitting, which affects about 85% of MS patients. This form is characterized by clearly defined relapses, which are severe episodes of worsened symptoms. During these flare-ups, some people can be so severely affected that they become bed stricken for the duration of the relapse.

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