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Owen Meany

            While Owen Meany is by no means a perfect individual, there is no doubt that his character possesses some divine qualities. It is these qualities that turn Owen Meany into a sort of Jesus Christ figure throughout the novel, and cause people throughout the novel, including Owen himself, to view him as such.
             Of all of the lives in the novel that Owen Meany has touched it is quite clear that he has had the greatest effect on Johnny. Johnny even says in the opening paragraph, "I am a Christian because of Owen Meany." Owen has saved Johnny. Of course Johnny never really saw Owen as a Christ figure until after his death. During Owen's life Johnny was always a little skeptical of Owen's claims that he knows how he will die and all of the other prophetic visions that Owen mentions to Johnny. The reader can see this easily from this excerpt, "Owen knew, or at least thought he knew, when he was going to die." Johnny was never sure what was going to happen to Owen and never fully believed his claims until after Owen had died almost exactly as he had predicted it. Johnny then realized that Owen's existence was no accident and begins to view Owen's life as proof of God's existence. Owen has become a personal Jesus Christ for Johnny and all Johnny's questions about God's existence have been answered through Owen. .
             From the moment he sees the angel in tabby's room Owen knows that there is something very special about his life. He thinks that he has interrupted the angel of death at work and is destined to be God's instrument for the rest of his life. When he kills Johnny's mother he believes that it was simply because he got in the way. Owen Meany does not believe in coincidence but that God dictates all events on the earth, so it is obvious why Owen thinks that he is God's instrument. It was also around this time that Owen's parents told him that he was of virgin birth. While I doubt that Owen Meany believes this I did think that it was interesting that Owen decided to take up the role of the Christ-child during the Christmas pageant.

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