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The Broken State of Society

            "Mommy, is our home broken?" (Page 137.) These were the words of a loving but misunderstood five-year-old boy. With shock and outrage, Carol Kleiman was successful at completing her own evaluation of her life. Throughout this intricate piece of writing, she is able to direct the reader's attention to her young son's hurtful question as well as making a strong and enduring statement. The struggle of being a woman who has to face these phallocentric issues are all very obvious in the past three essays. An essay is comparable to a scattered puzzle. There are many pieces but not everything is in its rightful place. Carol Kleiman however was very successful at building her essay. She has enough knowledge as a woman, mother, and daughter to provide sexist proclamations and specific arguments. Not only that, but the most powerful image she projects comes directly from her personal experiences. .
             Many people in society don't realize the importance of maintaining equality. With her keen understanding and bold actions, Kleiman has made it possible for her intended audience to understand the true significance of the demeaning terms used in her essay. As a member of the female species, Carol Kleiman proves a strong point about all that is happening in the social order. It's true that most men do not have sexist pet names given to them by other women. And it is very ironic that women have these names given to them by men, considering the fact that the issued women's rights were passed many years ago. Kleiman is successful at connecting her ideas with slang used from the 1970s. Despite statistics, many homes that are composed of single parents and his or her children are still considered incomplete and not supported fully by society. Kleiman does her best and succeeds at informing us about the seriousness of this problem very subtly but alarmingly. Kleiman presents her readers with a challenge and allows them to ask about his or her own personal statements and arguments.

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