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Khmer roughe

            "The Khmer Rouge's goal was to force social, cultural, and economic revolution, without any western technology or aid, that would create a racially pure Khmer society that was self-sufficient and socially and economically egalitarian" (Welaratna 94). The Khmer Rouge devastated the country of Cambodia both politically and economically, but the harshest effect of this evil regime was suffered socially by Cambodia's innocent individuals. Politically, this communist party isolated the country by expelling all international relationships. The Cambodian economy endured many changes, which forced the country to become self-sufficient. Most of the anguish and distress caused by this chaotic political party was directed at the defenseless Cambodians by demanding they give up their right of freedom to the Khmer Rouge regime. "In Cambodia, the first years of peace must have been indistinguishable from war, a living hell in which millions were driven from cities, large numbers were executed, and famine stalked the land" (Jackson 49). .
             "After war, the Khmer Rouge attempted to construct a new agricultural system based on collectivism and economies of scale rather than local conditions" (Shawcross 283). According to Karl Jackson, after the civil war in Cambodia, the city population was lead into rural area where the Khmer Rouge could examine and dominate the population. The purpose of this is to encourage manufacturing of products made within the country, without any assistance from other countries, under the regulations of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Any industrial plants that manufactured foreign goods or were created by help of foreign goods were destroyed. These plants were renovated into plants that made simple plows and farm equipment. .
             Rice was the country's main resource. "If we have rice, we have everything" (Jackson 48). William Shawcross determined that before 1970, 90 percent of Cambodians lived off the land.

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