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Future Optical Computer Storage-Holographic Memory

            FUTURE OPTICAL COMPUTER STORAGE-Holographic Memory.
             Every year, we cannot fail to notice how computer systems increase greatly in speed, memory capacity and performance. A computer system bought today is, quite literally, out of date by tomorrow. As computers have become more advanced, the applications that they are used for have increased. Today, large files of sound and image data are frequently being stored. The need for greater data storage and faster data access is always increasing. Although conventional magnetic data storage is adapting well to these growing needs, it is reaching its fundamental limit. Improvements made to these conventional storage methods usually decreases access time. This is one of the reasons why a new technology using optical data storage is being developed. This new technology is called Holographic Memory.
             Section 2 - What is Holographic Memory?.
             Holographic memory is a promising new storage technology, which offers massive increases in speed and capacity. It also offers extremely fast parallel data transfer.
             Another promising feature of holographic memory is that there are no moving parts, i.e. no magnetic platters, as used in conventional hard drives. This allows larger amounts of data to be accessed in shorter periods of time.
             Holographic memory is a technology that uses a three dimensional medium to store data. This data can then be accessed a page at a time instead of sequentially.
             Section3 - How does Holographic Memory work?.
             Section 3.0 - How is a hologram created?.
             A hologram is a block of photosensitive material, which records the interference pattern produced when two beams of light overlap. To record a hologram, two beams of laser light are needed because the light needs to be very pure and intense. Splitting a single beam of laser light into two creates the two beams. One of the beams is called the signal beam and the other is called the reference beam. The signal beam is made to reflect off an object and hit a photographic film.

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