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Against or not against cloning?

             I choose this topic because I think is the most controversial topic that we in our .
             society and in all the entire world .I don't know well about cloning but I know that .
             artificial, and the clone has the same genes as the people who were cloning. For me this .
             topic has been a mystery that how the person is cloning. My plan to prove my research .
             paper is that I"m totally against cloning and I think is the worst thing that the human can.
             do because for me is agains the law of God .
             Is it good to clone? I think is not. God create the world and create us. Why we .
             need to someone made things that only God can do? In this research I going to explain .
             about the most controversial topic that we have today. Cloning is totally against the laws .
             of God. Also I going to explain the bad consequences about cloning and about how high .
             the scientist want to arrive.
             I think some people want to clone because they want to see their family that has .
             been died, or they want a child exactly the same genes as them or maybe because is the .
             last technology , the new discovery from scientist and the people want to try it. In .
             generally they do that because they are completely out of this world .
             The cloning of a human being would be unethical because it would not serve any .
             necessary or beneficial medical purpose (O"Connor, p.9) this sentences was saying by the .
             cardinal of New York. I think production of cloning would produce many imperfect .
             results, and it would be late to repair the results. In my opinion if the person who was .
             cloned , would have no parents and would be less than fully human status. There remains .
             a profound ethical difference between "having a child" and "making a child"(O"Connor, .
             p.11). I think that a having a child sound like a gift from God , In contrast making a child .
             sound like manufactured a it will always be see as a thing a not as a person. .
             We have been anticipating this possibility in humans for decades have been .

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