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The New England Renaissance and its Impact on Literature

            During The New England Renaissance many transcendentalist authors, such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, emerged writing books that reflected their thoughts about this time period. In "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment-, Dr. Heidegger's comrades, especially Mr. Medbourne, clearly depict the change that was taking place.
             The New England Renaissance took place from 1840 to 1855. The word renaissance signifies rebirth. It was a period of time in which many aspects of England's culture bloomed. England experienced growth in spirituality, philosophy, and literature. .
             The Civil War had a major impact on people's lives. It made many people feel depressed. "Hawthorne was deeply distressed by the looming Civil War."" (Bloom 13). As a result he moved to England. His thoughts and feelings motivated him to write. The New England Renaissance brought a great deal of change in many different areas. .
             Industrialism was an important change that had a serious effect on everyone. Everyone was pleased with the great advancement in technology. However, Hawthorne was not very fascinated by industrialism. As a matter of fact he saw New England breaking up as a result of industrialism. A group of people known as transcendentalists felt the same way Hawthorne did. .
             "For transcendentalists the point was that the real truths, the fundamental truths, lay outside the experience of the senses, residing instead in the oversoul a universal and benign .
             omnipresence a God known to men only in moments of mystic enthusiasm, whose visitations leave them altered, self-reliant, and purified of petty aims."" (Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience 251).
             In other words transcendentalists were people who believed that people should focus on God and on nature rather than materialistic objects. People should spend their time thinking about things that had more spiritual value. Hawthorne's indifferent attitude towards industrialization led him to regard the hope and optimism of transcendentalism.

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