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Pygmalion novel essay

             Eliza Should Marry Pickering.
             After reading Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion it is clear that the.
             main character Eliza should marry Colonel Pickering. Pickering.
             would make the best husband for Eliza because he is polite to.
             her, treats her well and is respectful to her, he can also provide.
             financial security for the rest of her life.
             In the story Eliza should marry Colonel Pickering because he.
             Is the only male character who is polite to Eliza even when she.
             was just a common flower girl. Eliza even says in the story "My.
             real education began with you calling me Miss Doolittle. That was.
             the begining of self respect for me. And there were a hundred.
             little things you never noticed because they came naturally to.
             you".(Shaw,1957,page121)Manners and courtesy are important.
             in any relationship because they let the other person know that.
             you are thinking about there wants and needs as well as your.
             Pickering also treated her better then most male characters.
             in the story an example of this is when professor Higgins says.
             that if she makes a certain sound agian he will drag her around.
             the room by her hair, Pickering replies" No, no. Never mind.
             crying a little, Miss Doolittle: you are doing very well; the lessons.
             wont hurt. I promise wont let him drag you round the room by.
             your hair".(Shaw,1957,page65) also when Higgins is berating.
             Eliza Pickering steps up and says"Does it occur to you Higgins.
             that the girl has any feelings?"(Shaw,1957,page43) This is.
             important because Eliza would need to marry someone who.
             respects her and would treat her well because (Because of the.
             Time period) she could wind up with a husband who would.
             disrespect her and beat her and there would be nothing she could do about it. .
             Another major concern Eliza would have when choosing a.
             husband would be money. Pickering is LOADED!!! He is part of.
             the upper class and is set for life. Air go if Eliza marries she is set.
             for life.

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