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             BEEEP! Sports are important part of everyone's life, without it our lives would be extremely dull. Sports have many positive benefits for a person's body and mind. It creates life-long friendships, involves teamwork and most of all helps build self esteem.
             First of all, sports greatly benefit a person's self-esteem. Its competitive nature helps people develop a positive view of both themselves and their athletic skills. As long as people feel beneficial to the team, they are developing self-esteem by seeing their personal role in the team as important to the whole cause. If a person is not athletically gifted, he can always take up a more non-competitive sport such as jogging or weight training. This will also build self-esteem because the individual can see his improvement and relate to others at the same time. .
             As well as building self-esteem, sports can help develop life-long friendships. People from all different ethnic and religious backgrounds come together to play. This makes a good place for children to socialize with others of the same age. This can in turn give each child a sense of belonging and camaraderie between different races. I have played all kinds of sports competitively and leisurely from a young age. From all of the neighborhood football and basketball games, I have made many friends that have helped me open my eyes to all the different people in this world today.
             Finally, sports help build teamwork in an individual. Teamwork is an intangible quality required for success in the real world. From being a teacher to a firefighter or a baseball player, teamwork is always necessary. Today you see all these multi-billion dollar conglomerates, and sometimes you just wonder how it happened. Well, it took years of combined efforts to make it happen. In other words: teamwork. In sports to make a team successful whether it is swimming or basketball, people must strive for one goal to be a cohesive unit.

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