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Do we need computer chips.

            The World is a Better Place because of the Computer Chip.
             It aided in the development of the of the first binary computer, the first computer with refreshing memory, the first computer with stored memory, the first computer with real-time graphics processing, the first IBM commercial computer. The technological component that made these things possible is the computer chip. The computer chip has made a significant advance on the technology of today's society. Prior to the invention of the computer chip, society was limited to doing complex mathematical equations with an abacus or a slide rule. Although these instruments are effective they are time consuming, thus they are rarely used. With the invention of the computer chip, the process of calculating mathematical and logical operations and storing memory was made simpler. One computer chip that has made a major impact on technology is the microprocessor. .
             The microprocessor is a complete computation engine that contains the entire central processing unit. A vast majority of computers and other electronic devices have microprocessors embedded into their system. Microprocessors can vary from basic electronic gadgets, such as Personal Digital Assistants, cell phones, and CD players, that are cost effective and are capable of completing dedicated functions to advanced contraptions, such as Pentium 4 processors and traffic control lights, that can execute complex computation. The microprocessor has increased the speed and complexity of the modern computer significantly by allowing computations and logical operations to be completed with celerity and accuracy. .
             In conclusion the computer chip has proved to be a valuable asset to the way technology evolves in the world. In my opinion the computer chip has been the facilitator of hard work. Making some of the worlds most complex gadgets user friendly. Without it the world would evolve at a much slower pace.

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