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The Greenhouse Effect, and It's Impact Towards Society

            As a society, the greenhouse effect will inevitably be of dire concern to us within the next century. The potential for future ecological damage is grueling, and should not go overlooked. .
             Over the recent centuries our world as we know it has evolved greatly, whether looking at the creation of the automobile or the outburst in population witnessed around the earth. During this key, drastic evolution of the inhabitants and machines of our world, we have created a major problem- an imbalance in nature. We have incoherently minimized our total forestation levels while maximizing our total carbon dioxide levels. This in turn has lead to the gradual warming of the earth, thus the greenhouse effect has been born. .
             Global warming, although seemingly a matter of little concern, has the potential to destroy some of our most valuable resources. Coral reefs and rainforests alone, account for over ¾ of our world's entire ecological species. These "hot-spots of life,"" are in danger of becoming scarce, and possibly non-existent. Although we do not gather food directly from these sources, they are a part of the ever-balancing chain of life. An offset could adversely effect not only the numerous other species of plants and wildlife, but all of man-kind. .
             On a daily basis, humans participate in countless activities, that in turn, contribute enormously to the greenhouse effect. A staggering yet commonly overlooked contribution to this effect, is our use and overuse of resources derived from fossil fuels. This includes the usage of plastics (purchases as well) and electricity, both of which are produced in factories and power plant facilities that yield substantial amounts of carbon dioxide emmisions every year. Another prime example of a contributing greenhouse effect can be found in the usage of your everyday automobiles and lawnmowers, all adding unnecessary amounts of gas emissions throughout our planet.

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