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            High schools all over the Unites States have censorship laws. These laws keep students and writers from printing anything that would fringe on others' rights. Things such as explicit words or thoughts, deterioration of someone's reputation, and lies are banned from public high school print. So, just where do these rights begin? Who decides what is right and wrong to include in the weekly news? Though there are laws that must censor some things in public newspapers, all public high school students still have some First Amendment rights that school officials may not censor.
             Censorship is defined as the official prohibition or restriction of any type of expression believed to threaten the political, social, or moral order. Censorship is an issue of freedom of speech. Whatever side one takes, that is what it will ultimately boil down to. Students will say that it violates their freedom of speech when an official deletes or omits parts or their entire article. Officials say that a newspaper is a 'public forum,' so school officials can sensor its contents only when "necessary to avoid material and substantial interference with school work or discipline.or the rights of others." But it is not the student's rights to know what is going on inside of their school and outside of it. If students do not watch the evening news, then most current events are going to be neither here nor there to them. On the other hand, if other students can get their peers knowledgeable about the world around them then these journalism students should be commended.

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