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            Coaching Philosophy for a Soccer team:.
             A coaching philosophy may be something that a certain coach will introduce to improve the standard of a playing group, for eg setting goals, goals may be set for individual players in a team and for the team as a whole, for eg one goal may be to restrict the other team from scoring, now this is a realistic goal. It is important not to set unrealistic goals as it may put pressure on a certain player or on the team for eg going through the whole season undefeated.
             In the game of soccer goals can be created for the whole team or for individuals who play in different positions for eg Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers. Each of these positions would have different goals as their duties on the soccer field vary considerably.
             Individual goals for players:.
             The goalkeeper is one of the most important members of a soccer team. A goalkeeper may have many goals which include:.
             - Stopping the other team from scoring.
             - Improving the way that he sets up the play from goalkicks and throwouts.
             - To keep good communication with his defenders.
             - Good handling.
             These are just some of the goals that a coach may have set for his goalkeeper in a match situation. Their can also be long term goals set up for goalkeepers for eg estimating how many clean sheets he can have during a season.
             Defenders: .
             Defenders perform some of the most important duties on the soccer field. The best soccer teams in the world are built from the back and the best coaches would understand that. Coaches and defenders would in most cases work together to design goals for game situations and long term season situations. Some of the goals that defenders have are:.
             - Good passing out of defence.
             - Setting up attacks from good long passes .
             - Providing accurate headering to clear the ball.
             - Good tackling.
             - Good communication with goalkeeper.

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