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The Hostess with the Mostess

            There are certain qualities one must possess to be successful in their line of work. A teacher must have knowledge of the subject he teaches, a football player must know how to play the game and a waitress must know how to be a good waitress. Lindsey and Angela waitress in the same restaurant together: they are equally kind and caring people but their working styles and skills are polar opposites. When a waitress has a good work ethic, she not only gets good tips but her service ensures the restaurant with customers who will return because of a positive experience. To be a good waitress one must have composure, self-confidence and the desire to make others happy.
             When Lindsey first approaches a table to take their order one might notice her perfect posture. Unlike someone trained to rigid posture in the army, her posture is very inviting because her head bows slightly so she can see everyone. Before taking an order Lindsey introduces herself, asks how everyone is doing and waits for a response before continuing with the order. This shows her customers she cares about what they want and that she is listening. When she asks her table what they would like to have that evening she speaks clearly and with enough volume so that everyone at the table can hear her. Lindsey always smiles at her customers so they know she is happy to be serving them and, therefore, they are at a good restaurant.
             Angela, unlike Lindsey, hunches her whole body forward and looks at the floor when she greets a table. She does not smile or look at her guests, she looks at the ground. She shows her table no enthusiasm for their presence and that she could care less about what they want to eat. Although this is how her attitude appears, it is not true because Angela does care she is just very shy. Her voice is soft and airy so her words bleed together and no one understands what she says. This brings upon problems communicating, Angela feels embarrassed and her table is annoyed, which sets a negative tone for the rest of the evening.

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