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Member of the Wedding Report

             Adolescence: everyone goes through it, and most of us make it out alive and undamaged. In the book The Member of the Wedding the main theme was the discomforts of adolescence, and the pain of growing into and out of it. And with adolescence comes the need to belong, which is also very evident in the book. The main character starts off being described as a 12, almost 13 year old girl, who is 5'5- and very awkward and somewhat gangly. She goes by the name Frankie, which changes with her maturity level. She is a loner, having only her strange cousin John Henry as a friend. She resents all the girls her age, who had accepted her into their circle at one point, but had kicked her out later. She wanted nothing more then to be accepted. When she hears of her brother's wedding, she "falls in love- with the idea. She dreams of going with them, after their marriage to live with them and go on their honeymoon. She latches onto this idea of becoming a member of a unified group. This is a likely case for many girls during any time period in her age group. Frankie grew up in the 1920's during the Second World War which seemed to reflect the way she was feeling at the time. .
             Throughout the book, Frankie went through many phases and changed her name three times. Many young girls go through a search for identity similar to that. Girls go through phases, looks, beliefs, and thoughts, just to establish an identity. The main character went by the name Frankie at first, then she realized that both her brother and his fiancée had names that begin with "Ja- so she changed her name to F. Jasmine. Frankie is struggling with adolescence. Her feelings are constantly described as sad, depressed, and lost. McCullers captured the difficulty in growing up as an out-casted person. .
             Most young girls want a group of friends with whom she can identify herself with. Frances wanted so much to be able to spend her life with her brother and his fiancée.

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