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Same-Sex Marriage and American Equality

            In America thirty-six states has legalized same sex marriage, fourteen states have banned same sex marriage (gaymarriage.procon.com page 1). This should not be a problem for us, because the government has other problems to worry about in this country. The debate of whether same sex marriage should be legal has been going on for years, and this debate is not going to go anywhere as long as all states agree to one answer. America can come up with many compromises that everyone will agree with. There are many effects on what would happen if same sex marriage were legal throughout the country. Riots will occur less and states will be earning more money. Why should not same sex marriage be legal? We are all equal and no one is different. Same sex marriage must be legal.
             In this world, riots have occurred for many reasons. Whether it is for civil rights, or because the courts decided on the mistaken response. Riots occur because the people want to show what they believe in, in this case same sex marriage. Many people have different beliefs and they tend to cause problems. If same sex marriage is legal, none of these riots will occur anymore. For example people judging other people just because they believe in something else will occur less than it does right now. In addition, the riots in schools will occur less because the students will understand that this is legal now, so it is okay to be different. .
             However, once same sex marriage is legal everywhere many people will be upset. People will start more petitions and the judging will occur more often. Even more riots will occur because the people who disagree will want this law to change. Bullying will occur more often everywhere because; this will be new to many people. Same sex couples are not what other people see every day, they will start to question what kind of country they live in know. When people start to question that, that is when all the fighting goes on and the bullying around.

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