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New York

             New York State.
             My report is on New York State. New York's population is about 19,848,989 people and is divided into sixty-two counties. Some chief products are name brand clothes & sneakers, apples/fruit, medicine, & lotion. New York's nickname is the Empire State. The state song is "I Love New York." The state bird is the Bluebird. One of the major cities in New York is New York City, which has five boroughs. They are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Manhattan has the most tourist attractions such as The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center and the empire state building. One major attraction was the Twin Towers, which were destroyed on September eleventh two thousand one in a terrorist attack. Manhattan is also known for their theaters and fine restaurants. Albany is the city in New York where the laws are passed down. Albany is also the New York State Capital. Long Island has many towns and some attractions on long Island are the Beaches, Lighthouses on the east end, Shopping outlets and farms. Buffalo is the state's second largest city and is also where the dish Buffalo wings was invented. .
             The highest temperature in New York was one hundred fifteen degrees. Up state New York it is colder than in lower places in New York like Long Island is warmer than Albany. New York is one of the cooler states because its farther up than places like Arizona and Florida which are closer to the equator.
             For entertainment, people would visit concert halls, basketball games, museums, malls, clubs parties and amusement parks like Splish Splash and Adventure land.

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