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            We have done one new unit with three large assignments, including a classical scene, a student directed scene and finally a monologue. I found this assignment very difficult, time consuming, and mentally tough. I felt that I had improved significantly from my last performances. For these last three performances I felt way less nervous, than before, but I feel I still have a long way to come. I know I can do much better. I have over come many very hard obstacles I never felt I could have possibly over come at the start of the year. I don't get as nervous going in front of the class, and I never ever thought I would be able to memorize as many lines as I did in such a short time. These performances were very stressful, and I felt like I wanted to just not do them, but I gathered up the courage and did it. I still felt very nervous it was hard for me. I thought that I did mediocre on the first assignment, and that I was at my best during the student directed one but not perfect. There were many things I could improve on, including my loudness, concentration and trying to improve my character. I think that I can improve a great deal more to become an actor. As well, I feel that coming into a sort of comfort zone in the class has also helped me a great deal. When I am not as nervous I perform a lot better, and the positive class atmosphere (always applauding you) has helped immensely in making me feel more comfortable and not as nervous. I found it really hard to get up in front of people, but I am improving slowly and feel more and more comfortable with every performance. As well, on the classical play I could have done much better, but I was so nervous that I forgot some lines, which didn't help. It was a learning experience and I definitely benefited from all of this, for I am not as scared and uncomfortable going in front of all my classmates which has helped a lot with my ability to perform better.

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