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A Place in the World

            Un Lugar en el Mundo (A Place in the World).
             "A Place in the World" is a story of a man, Ernesto(20 years old), looking back at his childhood years(when he was 12). Ernesto's parents, Mario and Ana recently returned to Argentina following a decade of exile. Instead of moving to Buenos Aires or another city, they have chosen to settle out on the frontier. Using their knowledge and skills, the pair have formed a cooperative among the locals that allows them to fight against the wealthiest, and most unscrupulous, landowner Andrada. In addition, an educational system has been established, headed my Ernesto's father, Mario. Ana, a doctor, provides free medical care for the others in the community.
             Into this struggling-but-hearty community comes Hans Mayer Plaza, a Spanish geologist with a German name. Following an initial period of mistrust, Hans becomes a close friend of both Mario and Ana. He also becomes something of a mentor to their only child, Ernest, by teaching him the many truth's of life. Hans is a cynic who admires Mario and Ana but can't share their idealism. "We're primates,'' he says. "We enjoy bashing each other.'' At the same time he says this, he would love to be proved wrong because he see's a close tie that exists in Ernesto's family that is missing in his life. Ernesto's journey from child to man is not an easy one, and it is simplified by the teachings of Hans by acting similar to an older brother towards Ernesto.A major conflict in this movie is when Mario tries to persuade Luciana's father to let his daughter, an illiterate, attend his school but the father refuses, saying it is unnecessary for a girl to be able to read and write. Ernesto takes on the task of teaching her without her father's knowledge and ends up falling in love with her. This was a very large step in the change from a boy to a man in Ernesto.
             The film's title comes from a statement made by Mario, who believes that every man and woman has a special place in the world that, once they find, they will be unable to leave.

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