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            There are many places I've been and where I still want to go. However, if I could travel anywhere in the world, I would travel to Samoa. Samoa is located southeast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. I would take my family along with me so I can learn more about where I come from and about their traditions. I would most likely stay there for a summer or so. That will give me enough time to soak up all of my family's traditions. Not many people know about Samoa and where it is and what it is.
             Samoa is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean. Many Samoans are usually mistaken for being Hawaiian. Samoans are usually big in size and tanned. The weather is very tropical, very similar to Hawaii. The island is filled with trees and forests that proceed themselves to the ocean. My dad is Samoan, and he has never visited this tropical island.
             My family would come along with me to Samoa. I would especially like to take my dad so he would be able to see all his family and relatives. We would learn a lot about how our family migrated to America and why we left. My family and I would also like to just visit a tropical area and just relax. Our family hasn't been on a real vacation in a long while because we have been very busy.
             So I would stay in Samoa probably for a summer so we are able to enjoy the beautiful weather and just soak up the family traditions. It would just be great to relax for a summer and not have any worries whatsoever. I would just like time away from the city for a while, just enough to be free from the worries and the noise. So I would just stay in Samoa for the whole summer.
             The place I would love to visit anywhere in the world is Samoa. It would be a great vacation and help my family and I learn about our heritage. My family would be able to meet our distant relatives and get to know them better. It would also just be a great time getting away from the city and my troubles.

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