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             There is a role for violence in sports and a very important one as some people would argue. Some people may argue that it is the violence that attracts the fans to the sport. As mentioned in the short story, "Who Killed Benny Paret?", fans come to see someone punched out and passed out on the ground. It is when violence becomes excessive and people, participants, and viewers, start to get hurt for no reason that this violence starts to get questioned. I may not be an avid sports viewer, but for stories I've heard and highlights I've seen, I can argue that there is too much violence in sports.
             Many people think that there isn't violence in baseball. Obviously, they've never seen a bench-clearing brawl. Izzy Alcantara who played for the Boston Red Sox Triple-A Team, is one good example of too much violence in sports. In 2001, he was hit by a ball and instead of taking his base, he kicked the catcher in the face and rushed the mound to punch the pitcher, which resulted in a bench-clearing brawl. Could this have been avoided? Of course this could have been avoided! Many people play sports to relive themselves from angst of their everyday lives, but this kicking the catcher and punching out the pitcher for a flukey ball is unacceptable.
             Sports is just too violent for the participants, but for the viewers as well. On July 28, 1999, Lionel Tate, 12, killed his six-year-old playmate, Tiffany Eunick, while imitating a wrestling move he saw on television. One of my friends is an avid wrestling viewer and he argues that wrestling is all planned out with storylines and is not violent at all. But that's from an 18-year-olds perspective. What about from a 12-year-old's perspective? It is obvious that sports such as wrestling has too much of an influence on our children today. If there were stricter rules and more caution blatantly explaining to children that these stunts should not be tried at home and that those stunts have been practiced and perfected, then maybe this incident could have been avoided and this 12-year-old, now 16, could have avoided lifetime in prison.

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