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             This is the play of Medea who is a princess and daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis, as well as a powerful sorceress. Medea possessed great love and passion for her husband Jason which motivated her to help him. It is because of her assistance that Jason was able to escape from Colchis and regain his power In Iolcus. As long as he returned her love, Medea's powers and passion were enlisted for Jason's aid. Once he betrayed their love, the same passion and love that she possessed became anger and hatred. Although Medea's actions were brought upon by betrayal, the treatment of women in that society, and revenge, I believe that the extent of her actions were that of a woman with an evil heart.
             Medea felt extreme anger from the betrayal inflicted upon her by Jason. She went to great lengths to help him. She helped him to overcome the obstacles that hindered him from obtaining the golden fleece. She dishonored her father and even killed her own brother to help him escape from Colchis. Once they escaped, they returned to Jason's hereditary kingdom of Iolcus were Medea tried to help him reclaim the throne that his uncle sat upon without right, by fooling his daughters into killing their father. Instead of winning the throne, they (Jason, Medea & their two sons) were forced into exile. Finally they settled in Corinth, were after everything that Medea has sacrificed for Jason, he decides to take on a new bride.
             Jason's actions caused intense heartache for Medea this is displayed in play when the nurse states that Medea defied her household only to be deserted by him and left "slighted, and crying aloud on the Vows they had made to each other, . calling upon the gods to witness what sort of return Jason has made to her love" and, also through the fact that Medea's cries could be heard outside the house. The chorus of Corinthian women even offers their sympathy. They want to comfort her.

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