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Hitler's Mistakes

             Hitler was appointed chancellor in 19331 and struggled for complete control and domination over Germany. He quickly established himself as supreme dictator and began to spread Nazi influence. But Hitler wanted to have control over more than mere Germany. So in the harrowing year of 1939, World War II began when Hitler attacked Poland. And although he soon conquered much of Europe in the next few years, Hitler made many fatal mistakes throughout his military campaign. These mistakes gave the Allies a huge strategic advantage over Germany and cost Hitler his dream of a Greater Germany. Hitler would have had a much greater chance to win World War II and achieve this aspiration, if he had discovered his political and military blunders and corrected them in time. .
             And Hitler could have discovered some of his mistakes and flaws and attempt to correct them before it was too late, except for an important character flaw. Hitler was an extremely egotistic person. All his goals were to boost his political power, and he also believed that there was no possibility of anyone but himself being in absolute control. This belief also had another facet. Hitler thought of himself as an instrument supplied by a divine being for the advancement of great causes, and it somehow happened that whenever difficulties arose the something had failed Hitler, rather than vice versa. 2 It is therefore doubtful that Hitler would have ever acknowledged, let alone fixed his mistakes through his dense haze of egotism. And as Niccolo Machiavelli (great Renaissance political thinker) said, "Political misjudgments and wrong turns are like tuberculosis, hard to detect and easy to cure in the beginning and easy to diagnose and very hard to cure at the end." 3 Even if he were to realize some of them at the end of the war, it would have already been too late to correct his horrendous mistakes, just as Machiavelli says.
             And because of his selfishness, Hitler was only interested in his own power and political advancement.

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