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            Who was a better leader? Was it Adolph Hitler or Franklin Roosevelt? Hitler could make his people agree with anything he wanted them too, and Roosevelt could make strong and wise decisions to win the war, and to bring the U.S. out of the great depression.
             The New Deal initially looked inward to solve America's economic problems. President Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936 that sought to prevent US involvement in another war even if nonintervention meant the triumph of aggression. But his "Quarantine the Aggressor" Speech of October 1937 reflected the beginnings of a profound shift in Roosevelt's foreign policy. Stung criticism, he backtracked in 1938 and even praised the "peace at any price" policy that led Britain and France to appease Hitler and Munich. Much sooner than British Prime Minister Chamberlain, however, he reached the conclusion that appeasement did not work. In April 1939, he saw the likelihood of a new world war and debated with Germany and Italy against any further attacks on their neighbors. .
             When war came in 1939, he immediately called Congress into special session to amend the Neutrality Acts so that Britain could buy war supplies on a "cash and carry" basis. In 1940 at the Havana Conference he solidified the nations of Latin America behind his antifascist foreign policy, while winning from the American people an unprecedented third term that gave him a mandate to give the Allies "all aid short of war." In 1941 his Lend - Lease Program of virtually unlimited economic aid, together with his decision to commit the US Navy to protect both British and American ships carrying military cargoes across the Atlantic, brought the US into the war against Nazi Germany on an undeclared basis months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. .
             Hitler's "Second Greatest Mistake".
             On December 11, 1941-four days after the Pearl Harbor surprise attack-Germany declared war on the United States.

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