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            2 of Hamlet, Hamlet tells Horatio what really happened on the way to England. (He stole the letters that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were taking to the King of England, which instructed the king to kill Hamlet. Hamlet, our hero, immediately wrote out several new letters and sealed them using his signet. The new letters ordered that the two men accompanying him should be put to death). This shows major growth and maturity. In the beginning, Hamlet was a man of pure thought, but this did not work. He then transformed into a man of pure action, which failed as well. But by the end Hamlet metamorphosed (or metamorphoses or will metamorphose pick a tense this book is one big circle) into a nice blend of action and thought. He is now a man of "thoaction". .
             The pure thought Hamlet is exemplified in the scenes when Hamlet is contemplating suicide and also when Claudius is praying, and Hamlet has the opportunity to kill him; but Hamlet thinks his way out of situations-- blaming religion, bad timing, etc., rather than himself. .
             Then Hamlet mutates into pure action Hamlet. He rashly and recklessly murders Polonius. This was stupid because not only did he kill the wrong guy, but also managed make Laertes fumingly irate. .
             The clever incident with the arranged killing of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is the point in which Hamlet melts pure thought Hamlet and pure action Hamlet into one superhero. Hamlet is growing up. Not only is he learning to take smart decisions and follow with smart actions, but he is also learning to accept the responsibilities of those actions. This is evident when he admits to his scheme of switching the letters to Horatio. .
             Pure thought Hamlet had the notion that he was above physicality and tried to escape it mentally, but in the end, this idea was abandoned. Hamlet moves into action. Now in the text, there is a lack of soliloquies, where as before every other line was a soliloquy -- like a soap opera.

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