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Narrative College Essay

             As humans, we make them and we struggle to fix them. I had struggled through my junior year. The mistake I made was not focusing on my education. This led to receiving a warning letter from Woodrow Wilson Senior High School that I would not return for my senior year because of a "Failure to maintain a 2.".
             When I received this letter, I did not know it was a warning. I started to cry and blame myself for leading myself to this path. My mom looked at me and said, "This is only a warning." I felt relieved and thought about what I had to do to bring my grades up. I was determined not to receive the final letter informing me that I would definitely not return to Wilson.
             In order to bring my grades up, I had to attend school more. I was missing school because I lacked motivation and this affected my progress in all my classes especially Spanish III. My Spanish teacher did not want her students to miss more than four days in an advisory. If we did, we would lose our 100 points, which was added to our advisory grade. I had missed nine days and I lost my 100 points.
             My Spanish teacher eventually spoke to me and said, "You are one of my favorite students and I love the fact that you participate whenever you are in class, but you have to come to school more because you are constantly taking the tests late," she ended. After she spoke to me, I began to attend school more. I realized that not only was I hurting myself but also I was hurting my teacher. She saw so much potential in me. .
             Another problem was not coming straight home. Everyday after school I would hang out with my friends at McDonald's. I was not thinking about my priorities. I was only thinking about having fun. Eventually my mom put her foot down. She demanded that I come straight home from school. "It is dark outside when you get home and I am always worrying about you," she stated. "When you get home you are tired and you do not feel like doing your homework," she continued.

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