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             I will always remember late March,1999. Nerve wrecking and tremulously holding that life deciding self pregnancy tester, wishing with all in the world that it would be a negative sign. I paced in circles, turned on my radio and put it on full blast, hoping the screeching yet melodic After 5 dreadfully slow minutes, as the positive sign began to come into view, tears from my exhausted eyes started to cataract like raindrops. I was 15 at the time when I found out I was pregnant. Patches of somber gray clouds clogged up my ever so perfect haven. I was a girl with ambition; I was a girl with faith; I was a girl with ideals; I was a girl, that made a mistake that evaporated my aspirations in the endless opportunities of hope. I was lost, confused and alone. My well-educated conservative Asian parents disowned me, my boyfriend at that time wouldn't accept the fact that it was his flesh and blood, my life long goals and dreams were shattered and torn to pieces. Life at that time was bitterly excruciating. I was abandoned and scared, not knowing what to do. I felt like a pariah, my so called friends, my boyfriend and his family, my own family all have dropped me out of their lives. I just wanted to end all perturbation and heal all wounds. I wanted my life back. I didn't want to be a teen mom, I wanted to choose my path and pursue what I have been seeking for. . . .
             These experiences have led to my decision of being pro-choice. If abortion is made illegal, some women will still try to obtain abortions illegally no matter what, and many are likely to end up at back-alley butchers or attempt to perform abortions by themselves because they have no where to go and suffer serious severe injury. When abortion was illegal in this country, most illegal abortions were done by licensed doctors. (Secretly, of course.) Relatively few women were injured or killed.

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