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"Johnnie Armstrong"

             In the Middle Ages folk could not read or write, therefore everything was passed.
             The folk loved to listen to Medievel folk ballads because they .
             contained issues dealing with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. "Johnnie .
             Armstrong" is typical of folk ballads from the Middle Ages because it deals with the .
             lifestyles of the rich and the famous. The folk would have loved to listen to this ballad.
             "Johnnie Armstrong" is about an outlaw named Johnnie Armstrong. He lives in .
             Westmoreland and has a 160 men army following his lead. The king sends him a letter .
             and tells him to come to Edinburgh to see him. He gathers up his men and they go to .
             Edinburgh. He kneels before the king and is told him and his men are to be hung. .
             Johnnie's army battles with the kings army, but they all die. Johnnie is wounded and we .
             do not know if he dies.
             The ballad "Johnnie Armstrong" is full of characteristics that are typical in .
             medieval folk ballads. Johnnie Armstrong receives a letter from the king in Edinburgh .
             telling him to go see him. The king says " and promised to do him no wrong." When .
             Johnnie arrives in Edinburgh, the king tells him " tomorrow morning at ten of the clock .
             Thou shalt all hang on the gallows tree". So the king tricked Johnnie into thinking that he .
             will do him no harm when he comes to his palace. This is an example of deceit or .
             treachery. .
             The ballad moves very rapidly, it is quite brief and it contains gaps/omissions. .
             The background is quite sketchy and you do not know why the king wants Johnnie .
             Armstrong and his men dead. You only know the name of Johnnie Armstrong and none .
             of the names of his followers because characters in ballads are not portrayed very deeply. .
             This is another characteristic of a medieval ballad.
             In the Middle Ages when people of nobility died or had something tragic happen .
             to them, the folk wanted to hear about it. So folk came up with ballads depicting the .
             situation. In the ballad "Johnnie Armstrong", Johnnie Armstrong and his army try to fight .

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