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             The Ethical Responsibilities of Consulting .
             In order for organisational change to be successful it needs clear direction. This can be achieved in a variety of ways however most commonly organisations use a change agent to drive and direct the change. Professional consultants, be they internal or external to the organisation, are often employed as either the driving force of the change, or perhaps simply to provide their advice on the nature and the appropriate change strategies that need to occur. The skilled and knowledgeable consultant can be of great assistance to organisations who are endeavouring reengineer themselves. However, consultants can also be a negative force by trying to provide professional advice and skills which they lack or by tying to establish a dependant relationship which is not desired by the organisation.
             There are ethical responsibilities that must be recognised and developed as part of concept of being a professional . Unfortunately many consultants often do not understand or recognise these.
             Harvey and Brown (1992) define a consultant as a person who stimulates, or facilitates a change program and may be an executive of the organisation or an outside consultant. The term consultant appears to be used synonymously with that of change agent, however, strictly speaking, they are different concepts. Harvey and Brown as definition is in fact more consistent with that of a change agent. Strictly speaking a consultant consults or provides advice. They are perceived to have expert knowledge in a specific field ie that is why they are hired. A more appropriate series of definitions is as follows.
             A consultant: an individual, be they internal or external to and organisation, who provides expert advice or counsels an organisation on issues related to change strategies and approaches.
             A change agent: an individual or group of individuals who take responsibility for driving and or facilitating a change process within an organisation.

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