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"The best answer to anger is silence.  (German Proverb)

            One time too many someone has directed an act of anger towards us. We often don’t know how to react and when we do, we react the wrong way. As the quote states, silence is the best way to handle any situation involving anger. It is the first step in solving a problem. We should take this into consideration the next time we decide to engage in conflict.
             We must learn how to deal with our emotions. There is a time and place for everything and we should act accordingly. Sometimes we feel anger pulls beneath the surface of our tolerance. It may be confusing and feel consuming and we have the sudden urge to lose our patience. We realize that our lack of self-control is never ending and it seems to control everything we do. Then we can’t seem to find composure again and we feel our walls are closing in, like we are running out of options. This is very confusing to any person and that is why silence is best, to avoid any confusion, instead it will make things flow smoother.
             Some people react wrong to anger because they don’t have a sense of confidence to do the right thing, which is avoiding conflict. However they are convinced that there is just too much pressure to take. Then they realize they’ve felt this way before and that the feeling is insecurity of doing the right thing. In this case the best solution is to talk to someone about it and decide what will be the best way to deal with the situation. You’ll end up with better results.
             Another factor in making mistakes when in the face of anger is fear. Fear is how we fall because it often confuses what is real in life. When you fear something it has power over you. Fear takes the best of who we are, such as the ability to control our emotions, but the way to become who we are again is to face it. There should be no fear in defending yourself or in doing the right thing. Standing up for your rights is nothing to be afraid of.

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