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Monsters, INC.

             Monsters, INC.
             Children have such a large expansion of imagination. So many thoughts and scares run through their minds everyday 24/7. One of their biggest fears in life is the dark. They are unaware of what lurks around in their dark room night after night, therefore creating terror as they reach bedtime. However, what can possibly lurk in the darkness monsters!!!.
             Since the very 1st bedtime children around the world have known that once their parents tuck them into bed and shut off the light monsters lie waiting behind closet doors ready to emerge. But what they don't realize is that these monsters scare children because it's their job. Monster INC. (M.I) is the largest scream-processing factory in the monster world. The key to this operation is a group of elite kid scarers. .
             One of the top scarers is James P. Sullivan, A.K.A Sulley. A laid back monster with blue fur and purple spots. His scare assistant-also his best friend and roommate is Mike Wazowski, a green feisty little one-eyed monster. Since children are considered a threat to monsters, it is absolutely forbidden for anything from the human world to cross into the monster world even a stray sock alerts a task force. .
             Isn't it funny how monsters are a threat to children yet children or any human-related substance is as just as much of a threat to monsters? But one night after work Sulley accidentally lets in a little human girl .
             When this little girl, boo (name given by sulley and mike) steps into the monster world, drama begins. Soon the monster world finds out about Boo and everyone goes crazy sanitizing the monsters and even shaving off the fur of those who came in contact with anything from the human world. However, Sulley and mike try their very best to return boo to the human world but they encounter many obstacles. .
             The main problem is boo herself, she refuses to leave and enjoys the company of sulley and mike, especially sulley.

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