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            Mommy!!! The monster ate my leg!!!! Do I still have it??? Monsters. What is a monster? To me is an ugly creature that doesn't exist. Of course I didn't realize that until some years ago. Once I dreamed that I was helping my uncle moving to another house: the new house was huge so I decided to go on a journey, and exploring new territories. When I got to the basement I saw a big sign that said: "beware of the monster". I went inside and there was an atrocious sound in the air. Finally I reached to a door that said "do not open", after that I only remember someone calling my name, and me turning around and seeing a big abhorrent monster in front of me. When I woke up I was crying and calling for my mom. I chose this event that happened to me because it clearly explains the deceiving example that most of the people have about monsters, which is what I used to think too.
             I know now that there can be several types of monsters. One kind of monsters is someone that assaults and annihilates inoffensive people, like the indecent guy that police apprehended the other day; he was not only abducting young innocent girls, but also raping and killing them. Another kind of monsters would be the amiable and kind ones, like the ones that appear in the amusing movie "Monsters INC".
             Every single week I explain to my little cousin that monsters don't exist, that they are only a product of her really creative imagination. She's terrified of them, she always tells me stories about monsters from other marvelous worlds that get inside her closet and get out at midnight and try to eat her, but they are never capable of doing it because her mom always reaches there on time. I used to say the same things as a child, but now, with time, when I think about it I guess there are two reasons why children assume monsters exist. One is that maybe their parents didn't open their eyes and showed them that there are no such things like monsters, they don't know the difference between fiction and reality, and secondly because they might have psychological problems.

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