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Electric Fields

             Abstract: During this experiment my lab partner and I had to take large amounts of data or measurements that were related to the charge at a particular point on a grid. From these measurements we could see how the charge dissipates from its source to a surrounding area. With such information we created cool looking graphs that showed the peek and the pit of the charges on this grid. We also showed the contour plot for the charges and a plot of electric field vs. position.
             Raw Data:.
             The raw data for this lab was turned in to the TA at the end of the lab period.
             Sample Calculations:.
             Xposition (cm), the values for position were calculated as follows:.
             E (V/cm), electric field was calculated as follows:.
             Measurement Uncertainties:.
             The errors resulting from the people doing the experiment were very easily seen and quickly understood to be errors. .
             A specific example was that the person recording the charges onto the spreadsheet would hit the record button before he had the needle on the grid. Therefore, the computer recorded an incorrect measurement of charge and it showed up visibly on the pit and peek graph as pits. .
             Other mistakes made by human error was the problem that some times the needle wouldn't be placed directly on the correct coordinates for that specific charge. .
             The uncertainty that the power supply was almost certainly not set precisely at 10.0 V. .
             Data Analysis:.
             Conclusions for this lab were fairly logical in that we concluded that the charge became more positive as it got closer to the positive supply and more negative when it was closer to the negative supply. This was made quite clear when we used the donut to follow the more negative charge to the negative supply.
             1) The field lines went from positive to negative and on both configurations that meant that the field lines traveled from right to left.

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