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Sir Ernest Shackelton

            Sir Ernest Shackleton was a strong minded and strong-bodied man. On August 1st 1914 he led his crew out on the beginning of their voyage. With 27 men (himself included) and then later 28 when Perce Blackboro, a stowaway was found. So they set out on their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition which would turn out to be full of giant ice flows, endless seas and violent storms.
             As a leader Shackleton was always on the same level as his men. He was always working right along side them and never putting his men below him. When he was with Worsley and Crean and they went off on their own to travel to Husvik his exhibited this trait. And when they had to set up camp for the night he took his part in preparing the camp. He does this many times throughout the Endurance's trip. He puts himself at the same level as his men and does just as much if not more as they do. He pulls his own weight, not letting the fact that he is the "boss" get to his head. He doesn't use it to his advantage, only showing or reminding the men when they need the reminder that he is in charge over everyone. Some may think that the leadership role might get to his head, but not for Shackleton!.
             Another quality that Mr. Shackleton exhibits is his ability to set priorities and stick to task. He sets up "goals" or things that he wants to get accomplished and makes sure that he and his men stick to them. If it weren't for his prioritizing each day, their trip would have had no direction or organization. He kept things in order and made sure things were getting done; that no one was sitting down on the job. It's the sure way to get things done in a quick, orderly fashion. An example of this was when they had to salvage as much as they could from the Endurance before it totally sank. He organized sled dog parties to go back and get ONLY the things they needed, but as much as they could, and bring them back to their new camp.
             Shackleton earned the nickname "Cautious Jack" for his cautious approach to things.

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