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             The book Endurance Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Ernest Shackleton is set in late 1914 on a cross Antarctic expedition. Sir Ernest Shackleton is a leader of an expedition which encompasses a twenty seven man crew that was built from people who responded to the ad "Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success." Three days into the journey the ship Endurance was struck by enormous icebergs and patches of sea ice. After six weeks Shackleton ordered the crew to cut the engines to save fuel, and the next morning the crew was trapped in a sea of ice. The crew was stranded and there was nothing left to do except wait until spring for the ice to clear away so the ship could sail again. They had sufficient food to last them until spring, so they set up a sort of base. The crew tried twice to march to safety. They hauled their lifeboats with them incase they reached open waters again. The ice was too hard to cross because of instability. The ice was breaking up all around them. The crew found the thickest strongest floe, and the crew set up a new camp on the ice which they called "Mark Time Camp". Then the men had to move again there new camp was called "Patience Camp". Here the men were ordered to shoot some of the dogs. During the stay at this camp the men were kept busy by hunting. The stomachs of the crew were becoming upset because of the amount of meat that they were eating. They were also at a critical blubber shortage which meant that they might have to start eating raw meat. The men soon had to ration their meals to the point of extreme hunger. The rest of the dogs were then killed and butchered. Two sea leopards were killed which added to their blubber supply and increased there ration size. The crews hunger was never satisfied though, and they endured long clothing and harsh conditions.

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