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Jack Kevorian

             Jack Kevorkian graduated from the University of Michigan's medical school in 1952, Dr. Death", not for his physician assisted suicides, but from his pioneering experiments in the 1950s, photographing the eyes of dying patients to help determine the exact time of death. He served as an associate pathologist in three Michigan hospitals St. Joseph's, Pontiac General, and Wyandotte General Hospital. He also served as a pathologist in various Los Angeles hospitals.
             Dr. Jack Kevorkian has forced the debate over assisted suicide upon an entire society simply by doing it, again. While he helped over 130 people die. A team of reporters spent six months examining the lives of the people who came to Kevorkian to die. They found .
             Kevorkian's practices show no consistent standards in deciding whom to help die, when to help them, or whether someone is competent to choose suicide. .
             Many who died with Kevorkian's help sought him out after other doctors or medical institutions failed to provide care that might have made their lives tolerable. For some, he seemed to offer a chance to regain control of their lives, even if only to end them. .
             Although only a few friends and relatives of the dead criticize Kevorkian's methods, his secrecy and frugality sometimes deprived people of the dignity they sought in death. .
             The aftermath of a Kevorkian-assisted suicide can be more painful and traumatic for loved ones than the aftermath of a conventional suicide, or even a natural death.

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