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Jack The Ripper

             The brutal murder and sexual mutilation of five poor prostitutes was the doing of one evil creature. Jack the Ripper as he has come to be known, as is the basis of what serial killers are today. The epiphany of evil, Jack the Ripper was never caught and the murder case was never solved. Much of the appeal that the ripper has may come from the fact that he was never caught (Casebook: Jack the Ripper). Jack the Ripper has become an icon for mysteries and fear even up to this present day. The Ripper has been used in books and even movies to promote fear into the consumer.
             Jack the Ripper was responsible for five murders in Victorian London in the 1880's. Jack the Ripper sexually mutilated 5 English prostitutes in East London. The murderer used a knife to shred his victims apart and then remove organs or leave them in an odd position. Jack the Ripper was never caught and now he is one of the most mysterious and feared persons who have ever lived. Since Jack was never caught he almost takes on a the appearance of a fictional character, but to his victims Mary Anne Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddows, and Mary Jane Kelly this person was as real as they come.
             The first victim was Mary Anne Nichols. Polly as she was called by those who knew her was attacked and had her throat sliced ear to ear. The cut was so deep it exposed the vertebrae. Numerous stab wounds followed the cut to her stomach. On the night of Friday August 31,1888 at the age of forty-two Polly died. .
             The next victim was Annie Chapman. This murder was just as brutal as the first and if possible more brutal. This victims throat was also slit and her abdomen mutilated but some of her organs were missing. Annie led a tough life as a prostitute and her and her husband turned to alcohol after the loss of some of her children. Next came Elizabeth stride, "Liz, dressed to go out, left her boarding house after seven o"clock on the night of September 29, 1888.

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