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Jack the Ripper

            The events of Jack the Ripper's slayings are as follows. The first victim, Mary Anne Nichols, was found at bucks row in London, England. The next brutal killing did not happen until the next month. During the month September of 1888, there were three slayings. The second victim was found on Saturday the 8th. Annie Chapman's mutilated body was found at number 29, Hanbury Street. The 30th of this very same month was when Elizabeth Stride, the third victim, was found in Duffield's Yard, Berner Street. Later that night, he took another victim, Catherine Eddowes, at Mitre Square, Aldengate. After the two murders, the killer wrote a message in chalk on a wall in Goulston Street. The Message said "The Juwes are the me That Will not be Blamed for nothing". November 9th, 1888 the fifth and final victim was found. Mary Jane Kelly was found at number 13, Miller's Court. Jack the Ripper left one final taunting letter for the police and it said ""How can they catch me now? I love my work and want to start again.sooon' Good Luck Yours Truly".
             Mary Anne Nichols was 42 years old when she was murdered. She was the estranged wife of a printer and had five children. Her husband married one of Mary's friends in 1877. After that happened she became a drunk and a prostitute. In the days before she died she lived in the horrible conditions of the "White House". She was buried at the Llford cemetery September 6th1888.
             The second victim, Annie Chapman (Dark Annie), was malnourished. She also had brain and lung diseases that would have killed her if Jack hadn't. She was poor and homeless after her husband died in 1886. Annie had three children, a son that was a cripple and two daughters. One daughter died in 1882. Unlike the other victims, Annie was not a prostitute. "Living off immoral earnings and selling matches and flowers, Annie was a street hardened rogue". Her burial was held in secret for some reason at Manor Park on September 14th, 1888 by family.

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