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Jack The Ripper

            Some stories of the past have baffled us all. But the one that took place in London by an unknown killer only known as Jack the Ripper. this investigation is the only one in history to last 115 years and still be unsolved. many suspects were apprehended but all were released on the count that there was no hard evidence. Will these murders ever be solved? Will the souls of the victims of these grusome murders ever rest in peace knowing their killer has been identified.
             the first event that was believed to be part of the Ripper murders was on February 25, 1888. Annie Millwood was attacked by a man with a clasp knife. about a month later Ada Wilson was attacked; in the struggle she was stabbed twice in the neck and barely survived. the next woman was not as lucky, Emma Smith died two days after her attack, as a result of her injuries.
             the first murder that was "claimed" by Jack the Ripper was on Auguast 31st, 1888. Mary Ann Nicholls was savagely attacked across the throat, exposing verterbrae, she was also stabbed 39 times in the stomach; this one had little publicity. she was later buried in Little Ilford Cemetary.
             about a month later Annie Chapman was killed on Hanbury Street. she had organs removed from her abdomen. this was the murder that woke up the media to the fact that there might be a serial killer to blame for the murders. next to Annie Chapman's body was a letter postmarked August 28, 1888, London E.
             the murder saw it fit to annoy the police on September 27th. the "Dear Boss" letter was sent to the police department and referred to Annie Chapman;"Grand work the last job was. i gave the lady no time to squeal. the next job i do i shall clip the lady's ears off and send them to the police officers just for jolly." this was signed "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper." it was the first time the name was ever used.
             three days after the "Dear Boss" letter was received Jack the Ripper striked again.

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