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jack the ripper

            In this essay I will be writing about how "Jack The Ripper" committed his murders and how he wasn't caught for his murders. I will be studying numerous sources to find out exactly how he avoided capture from the police.
             We can learn from source A that the murder of Polly Nicholls was by "A Demented Being" this suggests that "Jack The Ripper" was mad and insane. In the source it said "Two murders within the last month" this also suggests that the murders of Polly Nicholls and Annie Chapman were both linked with each other, also the murderer "Jack The Ripper" used "extraordinary violence" this tells us that he was a very violent person. During the murders "Jack The Ripper" had "No Adequate Motive" that means that there was no reason for the murders to take place.
             From the source I could tell that the murders were linked because they were both prostitutes "victims were the poorest of the poor" in the days that the murders took place prostitutes were very poor and both the murdered victims were prostitutes.
             Also from the source it says that the murders "startled London" this suggests that maybe London had never experience this kind of killing before or that they were shocked that prostitutes would be murdered. Both murders that were committed were basically the same "peculiar feature in each instance, this means that each murder was violent and that the murders stand out for being so violent.
             Even though the sources (A, B and C) are different I think that in some ways source C does support sources A and B.
             All of the sources suggest that the murders were violent in source A it said "extraordinary Violence" also in source B it suggests the same "nameaningless cuts" and finally source C says that he is very violent "cutting the windpipe completely in two". Judging from the information from that it suggests all the sources explain that the murders were very violent.
             However, having said that, source A doesn't say anything about a knife being used for the murders, whereas, sources B and C do.

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