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The Jack The Ripper Murder

             One of the most famous serial killers of all time lived in London, he was known as Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper real name is unknown, date of birth and death is also unknown but who was really Jack the Ripper? The London Authorities arrested many suspects but who was really guilty of such brutal murders.
             In 1888 the East End of London became the staging place for several ghastly murders that caused an outrage through out the entire nation. Although the killer's identity has been widely speculated upon, up until today, the killer is still known as Jack the Ripper. This ruthless serial killer was responsible for the brutal murder of five women in London.
             The first attacks from this heartless fend was on August31st, of 1888. The first victim, Mary Anne Nichols was the wife of a printer, she had five children before her estrange husband ran off and eloped with one of her friends in 1877. Mary was drawn into the life of prostitution, in order to support her children. On August the31st, 1888, Mary Nichols body was found, Mary's throat was slashed open, her vertebrate exposed and she was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach. There was hardly anything reported on Mary's murder; the London Police treated her like another peace of trash on the street. Mary Nichols was laid to rest on September 6, 1888.
             The unknown assailant was called the Leather Apron, later to be known as only the Ripper, Jack the Ripper he was formally called. This heartless individual laid low in the misty fog and the shadows of London. He only had one objective on his mind and that was to perform heinous crimes with no signs of remorse of regret. This cold-hearted.
             individual lurked in the shadows of London waiting for his next victim.
             After the hideous murder of Mary Nichols, this ghastly individual claimed the life of yet another innocent woman, Ms. Annie Chapman. Ms. Chapman's life abruptly came to an end one foggy night on September the 8th 1888.

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