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Jack The Ripper

             There are a lot of murderers and serial killer stories that have not yet been solved from the early 1800's. The worlds most nastiest serial killer was active for only ten weeks, during that time he murdered five victums, his name was "Jack The Ripper". There are four major event dates that "Jack The Ripper" striked on and brutally murdered a bunch of women that were prostitutes. There are five main victums that the police know about. There are also at least eight suspects that the police told to the public. Who really knows who the real "Jack The Ripper" is.
             The first major event that happened was on Friday August 31st, 1888. On this day Mary Anne Nichols had been murdered in Bucks Row. She was last seen drunk leaving the "Frying Pan" Public House in Brock Lane, she was looking for her next customer. She was found lying down on the old cobblestones in London.
             The next event happened on Saturday September 8th, 1888. Albert Cadoche overheard the muffled sounds of an assult comming from the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street. At 6:00am the mutilated body of Annie Chapman was found lying in the yard exposed in the early morning air. The police wondered if the attacker was the tall foreign stranger who Annie was seen approaching eariler that morning.
             The third event that happened was on Saturday September 30th, 1888. This day was a day of a double murder in London. At 1:00am in Duffield's Yard, Berner Street Elizabeth Stride's body was found, cut from ear to ear. "After murdering Elizabeth Jack was almost cought red handed but he backed away into the dark shadows of an alley way with only the light of a single gas lamp and the full moon."(Harris, 98) Jack's second victum was in Mitre Square, Aldgate. At almost 1:45am Catherine Eddowes's bloody corpse was found silently slaughtered by the fearsome and clearly a practiced killer.
             On Friday November 9th, 1888 Mary Jane Kelly was murdered.

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