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             ABORTION! Stated in the dictionary is a spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first twelve weeks of gestation. To me Abortion is the murdering of a human life who has yet to see daylight, but exists in the mother's womb because of someone else's decisions but it's own. This heinous act (Abortion) has been going on for hundreds of years and although the methods have become more advanced it continues to be very dangerous and is very painful, emotionally, and psychologically to most people.
             Article 1191 states that Abortion was illegal anyone who knowingly killed an unborn child would be confined to jail anywhere from two to five years and if an abortion was done without the woman's consent the punishment was doubled. Article 1193 states that even an attempt to commit abortion would give you a fine of no more than $1000. These are just two of the five articles which made up the Texas Abortion Law which was enacted in 1857. This law was never amended. Jane Roe was a single woman living in Dallas Texas at the time of filing her action in Federal Court. She was unable to have an abortion because of the strict laws in Texas. Because of this, Roe brought suit against the district attorney Henry Wade. The case was not ruled in her favor but was later appealed to the United States Supreme Court. It was first argued on December 13, 1971 and finally decided that the abortion laws were violating the 9th and 14th amendments due process clause. The clauses protect the government from interference of people's rights to privacy including a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy.
             Since the case of Roe Vs Wade, Justice Sandra Day O"Connor, the first Female Supreme Court Justice has defined what is considered a safe abortion and what is murdering a child that is viable (capable of living outside of the mother's womb). "Roe identified by viability at about seven months (28 weeks) or approximately 1000 grams, in weight, but recognized that it may occur earlier, even at 24 weeks.

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