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The Game of Life

             How should humans live their lives? This question has and always will be heavily debated.
             The mentor readings display a plethora of different perspectives on how humans should live and .
             what their values should be. After reading these essays, one's views on life can definitely change. .
             What is knowledge? Where do humans come from? How do humans differ? How should we live, .
             as a society and individuals? Knowledge is a life long process and with it comes freedom as well .
             as more independence. When one forms his/her master ideas in life, he/she, according to .
             Theodore Rozak, did not acquire them from readings or a speaker. Some people's foundation of .
             beliefs come from their religion like The Holy Bible. As defined in the dictionary, religion is a .
             set of strongly held beliefs, values and attitudes that one lives by. Not everyone practices the .
             same religion and some do not even believe in a higher being. Faith, by definition, is the belief .
             in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, usually without any logical proof. Individuals .
             in society should live by whatever they have faith in while respecting others beliefs too. No .
             matter what someone's religion or set of morals are, they should be knowledgeable and restless .
             in achieving their goals.
             Gaining knowledge does not just come from reading textbooks or listening to a teacher. .
             People can learn a lot from each other in society and therefore broaden their education. The more .
             we know, the more we can contribute to society and perhaps make a significant difference in the .
             world. Learning is the key to new experiences, and with experience comes knowledge. Being .
             ignorant and not excepting a variety of opinions is the exact way to limit one's learning .
             experience. In "My Bondage, My Freedom," Frederick Douglass said it best, that "knowledge .
             unfits a child to be a slave, [it is] the direct pathway from slavery to freedom," (19). Douglass's .

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