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Judith, somewhere out there

             Here we see Judith laying out in the fields deep in thoughts. This close up-angled picture of her shows Judith in deep thoughts and thinking. She is lying in front of a large straight tree. The tree is much like Caleb's character in the story, it is independent and is very strong and is always in the background in Jude's life. An ugly dark figure behind Jude's every doing, the tree does a very good job of representing this figure. Jude is in deep thought while wearing an all over white dress that represents her as an angelic figure that is trapped by Caleb. Notice how she is wearing her white dress while she is all by herself. This means that she is not trying to impress anyone nor make an impression on anyone, it is only her true nature, which is moral by heart and so the white is a perfect representation of her nature. She is also holding a red rose, which is very clear in front of the white dress, and this is to give the image a good shake and disturb the pureness. Much like Jude's life; there is a disturbance in it, which is affecting her in negative ways, almost an evil disturbance and that evil, is why the flower is red. Red brings out the anger and evil in people, and so it is perfect for showing Jude's deeper emotion at this time in her life. Jude is lying on a green field which seems to be a very calm and peaceful place, and this is the exact kind of emotion that Jude is experiencing when she is all by herself and not with troublesome people like Caleb. The light of this scene is bright because bright is a less stressful color then dark and at this point in the story Jude has not experienced the full stress that she is soon to experience. .

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